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Paroikia Land C-141


Land in Paroikia 12.320 sqm with license to build 250 sqm house and 36 sqm swimming pool. It has unreal vew to the town of Paroikia and to the sea.   Asking Price: 590.000 euro

12,320 sqm n/a n/a


For Sale

Paroikia – Agia Eirini Land C-139

Agia Eirini, Paroikia

Paroikia – Agia Eirini Land 10.000 sqm in very good location , good road access and very nice view to the sea ..You can build 280 sqm house …   Asking price 180.000 euro.

10,000 sqm n/a n/a
with license Land


For Sale

Aggeria Land C-136

Aggeria, Alyki

Aggeria land 900 sqm with all ready license for 225 sqm house … you can have and swimming pool .. Good road access and very nice view .. Asking price 60.000 Euro

900 sqm n/a n/a
With License Land


For Sale

Paroikia Land C- 135

Krios, Paroikia

Paroikia – Krios  Land 4.300 sqm with all ready old licence 280 sqm ,  for two floor house … Very good road access , very close to the sea and good view … Asking price 245.000…

4,300 sqm n/a n/a


For Sale

Paroikia Land C-131


Paroikia Land in the village plan 2.000 sqm with good view to the sea and the port , good road access , town water and electric. You can build 400 sqm houses with two floor and …

2,000 sqm n/a n/a
For Sale

Lefkes Land C-128


Lefkes land 760 sqm in the village plan , with very nice view , good road access , electric , town water , you can build 200 sqm house and swimming pool . Asking price …

760 sqm n/a n/a


For Sale

Drios – Tzanes Land C-126

Drios, Tzanes

Drios – Tzanes land 8.850 sqm  with very good view , good road access , you can build 280 sqm house . Asking price 250.000 euro .

8,850 sqm n/a n/a


For Sale

Antiparos Land C-125


Antiparos Land 14.500 sqm  close to the town , good road access , town water , and view to the sea .. Asking price 200.000 euro

14,500 sqm n/a n/a


For Sale

Alyki land C-120


Alyki land 500 sqm  in the village and very close to the traditional port . On this land you can build 200 sqm house on two floor and swimming pool … Asking price 65.000 euro

500 sqm n/a n/a



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